Statement do Brasil na reunião da CSTD para discutir a composição do grupo de trabalho sobre aperfeiçoamento do IGF

Statement do Brasil na reunião da Comissão de Ciência e Tecnologia para o Desnvolvimento (CSTD) da ONU do dia 17/12, que discutiu a composição do Grupo de Trabalho da CSTD que irá sugerir aperfeiçoamentos ao Fórum de Governança da Internet (IGF). A princípio, um grupo multistakeholder (com participação de governos, sociedade civil, e empresas) havia sido escolhido para elaborar recomendações de melhorias ao IGF. Em uma reunião pouco transparente, alguns membros da CSTD decidiram montar um grupo de trabalho só com governos. Veja mais aqui. "Brazil welcomes the way out we find today that is discussing ways of involving stakeholders but always respecting UN rules: Brazil also would like to play a constructive role in this, and we believe we could offer to your consideration Madam Chairperson, two suggestions regarding transparency and openess:
    • The meetings should also be fully committed to openess: each chair of each meetings of the working group may invite, for example, 5 speakers from each stakeholder group which are recognized in Tunis Agenda - civil society, business sector and international institutions;
      • each stakeholders present in each session of work could decide themselves who will be the five representatives, but they will take into account, whenever possible, the balanced participation of representatives from developing and developed countries, including those who are not already registered as observers in UN or ECOSOC;
    • The working group already defined by you, Madam Chairperson, will have meetings that are fully committed to transparency – any states, or other stakeholders may attend the meetings.
In order to conclude Brazil would like to thank you very much, Madam Chairperson, for all the consultations made about the establishment of this working group: in vilnius, in last november and december the 6th. You provided us an example of how dealing with a such a complex process in a transparent way, not in a black box approach"